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Building bonds between traditional and decentralized finances

AMIS is a financial technology company creating bonds between traditional and decentralized worlds. We provide security and accessibility for blockchains as well as crypto currencies. With us, our customers are able to adopt blockchain technology with ease and confidence.


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Introduction to Hierarchical Threshold Signature

Compared to multi-signature, TSS offers shorter signature and better privacy. Most importantly, TSS does not save private key on the server and provides risk control as well as separation of duties. It seems that TSS may be a fabulous solution, but there are still some problems. For example, an important contract not only requires enough shares to sign, but also needs to be signed by a manager. Despite the fact that vertical access control can be realized on the application layer and tracked by an audit log. Once a hack happens, we will have no idea about who to blame for in TSS.

Hierarchical Threshold Signature Demonstration

In this article, we will explain thoroughly about the example of Alice, an implementation of HTSS library worked by us. We will first illustrate the simplification of our example flow. Second, we will highlight the takeaway when running the example. Then, we will dive into the detail of 3 main commands of our TSS library. Last, we will conclude the demonstration.

LibraBridge: Connect Libra with Ethereum

In the previous article, we explain the concept of the LibraSwap. Next, we will introduce LibraBridge, which can be used to connect Libra with Ethereum by Libra SPV method. The idea to leverage SPV validation to implement cross-chain transfer is not new. It’s already done by several projects listed below. SPV proof is a way for light client to verify if interested transaction happened on the blockchain. With the help of smart contract, Libra SPV proof can be implemented on Ethereum. Namely, we can verify a Libra transaction through smart contract, along with some external information.

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